With our many beautifully crafted homes … as a viewer you are sure to find one that really exceeds your expectations and that really resonates in your heart. We feel so honored to have our work in the Parade of Homes year after year, in each of our homes we pour our heart and soul into these homes not only to exceed your expectations, but to really show how precise we are … A successful home is not just the end result, it is every piece as it comes together that is what makes it so great! We are very grateful for the awards and recognitions that have been acknowledged by so many!

Building a home is not easy and often many obstacles, including weather, time and other hardships must be overcome. But, oh, how sweet it is the day it’s complete and we can stand back and admire the work that we all put in.

We welcome you to always follow along – and see our works. Our hope is that you will see how important it is to choose us as your builder to help build your custom home!

2018 Parade of Homes UVHBA

2018 Judges Choice for Best of Show award

2016 Platinum Award Best Home UVHBA

WINNER 2016 Best Tile Design Recognition

WINNER 2016 Best Granite Fabricating Recognition

WINNER 2016 Best Electrical Recognition

2015 Utah Valley Parade Winner

WINNER 2015 Best Overall HOME (under 6000 sq ft)

WINNER 2015 Best Cabinetry

WINNER 2015 Best Smart Automation


WINNER 2014 Best Cabinetry

WINNER 2014 Best Plumbing

WINNER 2014 Best Masonry


WINNER 2013 Best Overall Home (Tier 1)

WINNER 2013 Best Constructional Mechanical

WINNER 2013 Best Exterior Finish

WINNER 2013 Best Interior Flooring


WINNER 2012 Best Home in Parade (Tier 1)

WINNER 2012 Best Design

WINNER 2012 Best Exterior Finish

WINNER 2012 Best Exterior Specialty

WINNER 2012 Best Interior Flooring

WINNER 2012 Best Construction/Mechanical


WINNER 2010 Outstanding Workmanship in Painting

WINNER 2010 Outstanding Workmanship in Window & Doors

WINNER 2010 Outstanding Workmanship in Plaster & Siding